Digispark (Attiny85) servo tester

Servo tester

Here is a nice little project that helped me to geting to know the Digispark. It’s a little servo tester with two modes:

  • Automatic sweep (S)
  • Knob control (K)

The ciruit is straight forward. The servo tester will be powered through the Digispark’s USB port. So just connect everything to the ground and 5V pins of the Digispark. I Used PB0 for the switch, PB1 for the servo pulse and PB2 as analog input. PB3 and PB4 are used for USB. Keeping them disconnected will allow you to (re)program your device without any disruptions. Anything connected to those pins might cause interference while trying to program the Digispark.

Breadboard circuit

Next follow Digistumps guide for setting up an environment. Start a new Digispark project and use the following source code or download servotest.ino.

After testing it all I built the little case. The pricture below shows the inside.

Servo tester inside

On request: Digispark for fritzing

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    thanks for the interesting Project.

    Could you please tell me, where you found the Fritzing Digispark part library? Or perhaps share it?

    Thanks in advance

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